Refugees Thrive International envisions a world in which all refugees are safe and healthy, refugee rights are respected and protected, and refugees are empowered to make their own decisions about their future.


Refugees Thrive International raises awareness and funds local organizations in developing countries to ensure refugees have the protection and support they need to thrive.



We value partnership, with direct service providers we fund, with refugees in supporting their self determination, with volunteers, and with donors.


We value effectiveness and hold ourselves accountable to the partner organizations we fund, the refugees they serve, and our donors. We value effectiveness by ensuring the funds we raise are distributed to support ethical and effective programs.


We value empowerment and as such we fund local organizations which are responsive to and directed by refugees themselves. We approach fundraising and awareness raising by empowering others -- volunteers and ambassadors -- to champion our cause.


We value diversity in the organizations we fund, ensuring they serve diverse refugee populations. We value diversity in our leadership, volunteers, and donors.


We value community, both local and global. We value our global community and as such consider refugees our neighbors